Interlace Audio

We made #lnoe at Interlace Audio in Portland, OR. The process of finding this studio took longer than anyone expected. In the past, we’d just made our demoes ourselves, but we wanted to expand our sonic palette with all of the trapping of a real studio. Interlace- and Portland, for that matter- loomed large over the production of the record. We worked with Stephan Hawkes, an engineer who primarily works with progressive, hardcore, and metal bands.

Nothing pushed the boundaries of what we made more than having someone from outside our comfort zone tracking our songs. The combination of Stephan’s tendencies with our (albeit pop-ier) tendencies practically defines our sound. We came out with a shimmering pop record that also had plenty of hard edge. Each song has it’s own distinct style, but also ties back into the overall sound of the album. Listen to it here:

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