“Last Night On Earth”

We did it. We put out a record. It’s something many people, including ourselves, doubted at times. But after nearly 6 months of build-up, we finally released “Last Night On Earth,” to nearly universal positive reception. And now we wait and see what happens next.

I wanted to explain, at least a little bit, what LNOE is, and where it came from. Beyond the outward appearances of its sleek production (courtesy of Stephan Hawkes), I feel like it’s by far our most dynamic offering, and the best representation of who we are. The songs were written entirely in collaboration: Sometimes I would write lyrics and Isaac would compose the music, or sometimes Natty would write the words and John would come up with the chords, etc. What’s more, the songs were written over a rather large span of time, almost two years. But that adds to the uniqueness of each track, because these songs were penned at different times, by different combinations of people. They have very unique content, but it’s all tied together by the same five people.

It’s certainly not perfect, but that’s not a problem. Every song ebbs and flows in a human way, an organic way. And every song tells a story (not necessarily an obvious one), with each song being different. More or less, we feel like it’s worth listening to, and hopefully connecting with. First things first, you should probably just buy it, though. We know you won’t regret it.

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