Putting Out LNOE

Whenever I tell someone that Hemlock Lane is an independent band (or, more often, they ask which label we’re affiliated with), the first question they usually have is “Wow, how do you do it? Like, how do you put songs on iTunes and stuff?” Sure, I’ve gotten used to explaining the finer points of Tunecore by now, but it always seems to me that being an independent band means more emphasis is placed on the business side of things than what we actually do it for: our music.

Truthfully, though, being label-less  was a real decision we made, and and important one to who we are. In the past, we’ve been contacted by a number of “labels, managers, agents, and A&R workers,” but none of the conversations we had seemed like they would lead anywhere promising. We decided that in order to make the record we wanted, we needed to do things ourselves.  That means the promotion, distribution, and artwork design was all taken care of by the five of us. Sometimes it feels like we’re nearing the point where the workload is bit much, but no one knows what the future holds. I’d be content if people  just stopped asking me how iTunes worked, though.

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