Who We Are

If you’ve navigated here, that means you’ve found our brand new website (or just love looking up street names on WordPress). We’re Hemlock Lane, and we’re really stoked that this exists, but even more stoked that people are engaging in it. Hailing from Oregon, we play alternative/indie/pop music, and we’re the midst of putting out our first EP. After two years of writing, demoing, and touring the planet, we’re proud to release the “Last Night on Earth” EP, recorded with Stephan Hawkes (Icarus the Owl, Jonny Craig, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, etc.). By this point, we’ve put out the record, as well as a music video, and to top it all off a website.

This is an endeavor that’s nearly 3 years in the making, that started in various high school music classes. We were 5 very different people, who decided to start a band in search of the typical music industry trappings. I think that lends to the way our record sounds, though: We’re a band with very diverse tastes in music, that wrote some pop songs, and recorded them with a hard rock/metal producer. Our sound is hard to categorize, and we love that. Almost as much as we love you all.

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